Tips For You, When Picking Your Bridesmaids Dress Colors For A Summer Wedding!

This article will give you some useful tips to keep in mind while choosing the color for your bridesmaid’s dress for a summer wedding.

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  • John G:

    I have been having issues picking out my wedding colors. The wedding will be late spring early summer. I want my colors to be bright and vibrant but not look hideous together. I finally have some kind of an idea but not sure. I found the cutest flower girl dress and the colors in it are a peachy orange and granny smith apple green/ chartreuse I guess it would be but not as much yellow. I love the green and orange colors. When I say peachy orange, it is orange but pale and has a little bit of a pink tint to it. I was thinking if I did do these colors, my bridesmaids dresses could be the green color with a small sash of the orange color under the breast. Opinions please and don’t be rude I have absolutely no help with this. Pictures would help a lot.

  • xLittle21Yaox:

    I’m getting married July 28th in a church and we want a reception,not too big.Any suggestions to cut some costs?


    hello we are on a very small budget,,,,for our wedding next summer with only me working,,,,,,our color are light blue and yellow,,,,,flower sunflowers,,,,,it going to be outside where its kinda dark cause its under some trees,,,and there lots of outdoor shelters cause it rains,,,,,,,,,,,,,any decorateing ideas,,,would be welcomed also and cheap food ideas,,,,,,,,,my mom making the cake for us,,,,,

    please help


  • rndmaktn:

    The venue we like is particularly expensive on a Saturday between the months of June and September. June 27th and September 26th are the only Fridays available durng Summer next year- is June too short notice? Bearing in mind, we are both looking for new jobs in a new area (where I am from) and will have to move house etc. in this time? September could be an option- I am just concerned about the best time for the weather? Any ideas please?

    Thank you

  • colingrillo:

    I’m trying to plan my wedding and I am shocked at how much everything costs and by how little I know about planning a wedding. I found a beautiful place that I fell in love with, but the ceremony and reception alone will cost $8,000 (min.) with only 50 guests (we want closer to 100). That is cutting it super close to our budget of $10,000. This doesn’t include the officiant, photographer, florist, D.J, e.c.t. How much does each of these typically cost? I live in California if that helps.

    Also, how much do women typically spend on a wedding dress? A friend recently told me that her friend spent $3,000. I was looking at the David’s Bridal website and saw wedding dresses for $500. Is that super cheap and will people notice if I did not spend thousands of dollars?

    How much do Bride’s Maid’s dresses usually cost? I’m guessing it’s my responsibility to pay for them as well.

    How do you find a “witness” to sign your marriage certificate? Can this be anyone or do you have to have someone who is licensed.

    How much did you spend on your wedding? I feel like I am in over my head. I don’t want a backyard wedding but it’s looking like that’s my only option. Any suggestions for cost cutting would be so appreciated.

  • Mark:

    well my aunt is having her wedding on the 5th of july. its not exactly a formal wedding, you know just plain summer wedding i guess. & you have to pick your own dress but it has to be beige so can you please help me find a dress that is suitable for me. Im 13 and im actually average sized.

    So rememberr beige
    and i prefer knee-length dress

    &thank you very muchh

    & give mee tips please. like hair makeup & stuff :)

  • Kobe:

    My fiance is away, and we decided to get married when he gets back before he leaves. So im planning this on my own… Just wanted to make sure its possible, and maybe get some tips…

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