Do Herbal Medicines Help To Cure Low Sex Drive In Women?

Herbal remedies like Kamni capsule will help to cure low sex drive in women. This capsule helps to cure vaginal dryness and improve more blood flow to your reproductive organs.

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  • Cole:

    Shortly after having our little girl, I experienced post partum depression. I’m now on medicine and have lost my sex drive. My husband and I have been married for almost 4 years and want that spark back. How can I have sex and enjoy it, even though I’m not ever in the mood. Thanks!

  • Denali:

    Ok, my husband has lost all drive, I initiate, I drop hints etc..there is 99 out of 100 times no response, if there is it’s bc. I have yet again brought it up enough and HE’s now wanting it…He has tried medicine, but his reason now is….he’s not 18…OBVIOUSLY!! But, he was alot more into me and my body before we married, now it’s always on his watch and he doesn’t initiate. I’m very tired of working for my body and initiating everything, what happened to the man I married less than 3 years ago?? Please offer suggestions, I am obviously tempted by others that appreciate my body AND ME, and I find myself wondering if its wrong of me to look elsewhere/and or divorce over this…I dont know what else to try…docs…me..nothing does it for him except when he’s ready, I’m growing resentful and I hate that bc. I do love him, but how should I feel other than that HE just doesnt want me!??
    Thank you both for your helpful, candid answers..I appreciate anything bc. I am just so lost and confused. I have caught him before doing the internet porn thing, and if I wasn’t so willing as a wife, then honestly, ok, I would semi-understand,l but I was sure to communicate EVERYTHING before that walk down the aisle, and it’s such a cliche’, but clearly there must be something to “once you sign “the papers”…I feel useless, I question why I keep myself up when its not appreciated..after being so upfront with him, to the point of clear frustration and communicating again what I want and need WITH HIM, but still nothing…this is my 2nd marriage, which I truly did fall head over heels in love with my current husband, and that’s why im trying so hard to reach out and grasp at anything, I dont want another ex-husband, but I feel I do deserve better, everything else is fine between us, but if I wanted just a “roommate” I wouldn’t have gotten m
    that last word, was meant to say married.
    Thank you, I will def. check it out!

  • Joey 01:

    After having a scan recently, I was told that I have fibroids which are two inches big. I did some extensive research and came across a website that advises women to use herbal remedies, control their diet and do exercises to reduce them. Has anyone followed that sort of advice and shrunk them? If so, please let me know what natural products you used, which foods to avoid and any exercise that worked for you. I wish to avoid surgery or homone treatments as I hope to have kids sometime in life. Thanks for any input.

  • Salam:

    I would like to hear your best herbal cure or remedy. I already know about MSM, Resveratrol, Zinc, Xylitol, Pomegranite powder. This is such an interesting subject to me. Do you have a favorite? How do you make it? What does it do? Why do you think it does what it does? How did you learn about it?

    Thank you in advance for sharing with me! =)

  • Christopher J:

    my horse has had a bucking problem the vet said theres nothing wrong he may be stressed he also said he had to see the dentist but he also said try herbal remedies and i need to know some names for herbal calmers!

  • Myles:

    For an experiment I need to compare the effectiveness of herbal remedies to that of chemical drugs. How would I go about doing this?
    The only thing I can think of is getting an herbal remedy that neutralizes stomach acid and comparing that to an antacid. This can be tested through titration.

    Any other ideas would be great. Just list the remedy and the drug as well as how to test it.

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