Dating Tips for Men and Women to Make Smarter Dates

Get information in this article about dating tips for men and women to make smarter dates.

Dating has always been an area of interest for the young people as well as the matured ones which is courtship where two persons are engaged to assess each other’s suitability as a partner in a relationship or a spouse. People tend to depend upon their instincts in a date. But here are some tips both for men and women to help you take a head start in case you are a novice in love-life and want to take a deep in the world of dating.

Dating tips for men: – Men being in this paternalistic world tend to take an upper hand when it comes to women, but guys should keep it in mind that its not only looks and money that women wants. Here are some dating tips for men to find their damsels.

  • Looks does matter a lot for the first impression. Engraving a decent impression the first time is really important for any kind of relationship.
  • Showcase your ambition. Women like ambitious men who are well aware about his future. Look confident and share some of your long term plans with her if possible.
  • Dating is something which requires a good homework for men as its always difficult for men to understand women psychology.
  • Two most important dating tips for men which they should learn outright. Showing good manners and listening more than talking.

Dating tips for women: – Dating is a game where there are surely some rules to play it and win it. Here are some dating tips for women to help them get their chivalrous knights.

  • Look beautiful and confident.
  • Try to keep your dates short and men interested for more. But give them the information that you can, be enigmatic.
  • Play around with your guy. Don’t reveal and let him keep guessing about your next move. Never project yourself too easily available to him.
  • Look for the nature and ambition of the man if he will be able to provide you a secure future.
  • Dating a guy who is not hygienic might not be a good idea and make sure that he’s serious about the entire thing.
  • While dating a guy one should keep in mind to neverArticle Search, ever criticize his mother.

Here are some dating tips for men and women reach their partner of dreams with as little fuss as possible.

With the help of this article you can read about dating tips for men and women to make smarter dates.

3 Responses to “Dating Tips for Men and Women to Make Smarter Dates”

  • Death Knight:

    ok, i know this souds stupid, but i was in a relationship for 7 years from my 18-25, its been a year and a half that i have spent getting over it cos he cheated on me. i am 27 now. anyways, ive just started to really look at guys again, but just looking. i just wonder what the protocol is for dating at 27, i mean how do you know when you are officially seeing someone…and when you are, when would you get intimate? please no stupid answers, i am genuinley concerned….ive dated as a kid, and ive been in a relationship as an adult, and now im an adult i dont know how to date as one!?

  • addmeonxbox360myuserisfallior:

    So here is the deal, I’ve got a date tomorrow night and i have absolutely no idea about what to do, to talk about, we haven’t even decided where we are going yet plus it is my first date… (I’m 16 btw)
    I’ve met this very beautiful girl at my physicist class, she’s not smart, I mean, she’s definitely not smart so I was helping her with her homework (I thought we were going to different class, I had to teach her pretty much everything…
    Remember when I said I was smarter than her in physicist? Well, things change a little when it comes to social relationships…

    First off, I live in Indianapolis could someone please suggest a place to go? Do you think go to the mall is a good option?

    What are we going to talk about? I mean, I’m pretty sure she doesn’t like football or basketball or hockey or baseball and I don’t spend 3 hours of my day reading celebrity gossips on tmz…

    After the end of the movie (if we go to the movies), or after we’ve finished dinner (if we go dinner) should I take her home? Because I don’t drive and neither does she so it’d be kinda impossible…

    Do I pay for her movie ticket (of we go to the movies, or for her dinner (if we go dinner) ?

    Assuming everything goes well, do I kiss her on the first date?

    If we do kiss, can I touch her hair?

    That’s it, I appreciate any advices, thanks…

  • Marlon P:

    i’m 24 yrs old, 5’1″ & 94 lbs, i look just like any other asian girl (to white men i guess . can you tell us apart? lol ) also i’m a virgin and im saving myself for my future husband. i would describe myself as a nice person, smart, pretty and i want to make my husband happy so i would do anything for him inside and outisde the bedroom. my favorite type of white man is older and has a good job and a house . how can i be attractive to them? what qualities do they want in a wife? (remember i would do anything to get a white man ! whatever it takes !! ) so i already know , about being submissive, also always being nice to your husband, always smiling and sweet , making nice food for him, keeping the house clean, and never saying no to when he wants to have s*x…. is there anything else??? thanks
    im NOT a troll! serious answers only plz or you will be reported! thnx

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